About Webber Motors, LLC

Webber Motors, LLC is a family run independent auto dealership specializing in luxury, sport, racing,  and unusual cars and trucks. 

Hours are by appointment at your convenience.

Do you have an interesting car for sale?  Contact us and we may purchase it.

We currently do not offer financing.  You are more than welcome to arrange for a loan at your local bank or credit union and then buy from us.

Looking for something in particular?  Email or give us a call.  We can probably find it for you pretty quickly. 

We also offer a service where you and one of us attend one of the local large dealer only auctions.  You get to see the car before the auction at which point we will agree on how much you are willing to bid.  We charge a reasonable fee for this service which has the potential to save you thousands over buying a car off a dealership lot.  Email or give us a call and we can discuss the specifics.



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