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Well.....if you read my last blog you know that there was a fire in the building that Webber Motors LLC occupied. Turns out that the damage was bad enough that the building is going to be demolished.

Kudos to my landlord. They could have been sticklers to the wording of my lease and required me to wait until they rebuild to reoccupy the location, but they are better than that. They worked with me to find another location that will work for Webber Motors. There was a unit in the same complex that was coming available, but not until the end of August. It is a great location and the fact that the entire unit is air conditioned made it very tempting, but the end of August is too long to wait. My insurance requires that the majority of my cars be housed indoors overnight. Two months outside was just too long.

The other option the landlord had, and the one I took, was to relocate to a slightly smaller unit at 4314 St. Augustine road. It is about 2 miles from my original location. The layout of the unit is, I believe, a little better than my original location. I think it will be easier to get to the cars at the back of the warehouse.

As I type this most of my furniture and some of the cars have been relocated, and the landlord's workers are finishing the interior. Hopefully by the weekend everything will be relocated.

If you read my original blog you may be asking yourself......hey isn't there something missing? Good catch. I now have to go through all of the bureaucratic garbage to approve this location that I already went through last year to approve the original location. I'm in the middle of the process and hope it will go fairly smoothly, but who knows with the government.

As always, if you are looking for a specific vehicle, or like one in my inventory reach out by email or phone. I am very good at locating cars for people.

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